Why use a stock management application ?

Why use a stock management application ?

Are you tired of wasting time managing your stock of goods? Would you like to optimise your organisation and increase your turnover?
No more outdated manual methods, simplify your life with the fashion wholesalers stock management featureon iPhone and Android.

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What is a stock management application?

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A stock management application, or stock management software, makes it possible to computerise and facilitate the management of a company’s stocks. It provides access to all the information concerning the goods available in the warehouse: references, entries, exits, etc.

Thanks to this tool, you can monitor inventory levels in real time and ensure that you always have the right number of products at the right time. An inventory management tool is essential to limit inventory costs, meet demand and ensure business profitability.

Why use stock management software?

Most suppliers and wholesalers in the fashion industry have a marathon day. Between managing orders, customer service and administration, they find it difficult to concentrate on developing their business. As a result, the risks related to stock management are ignored, and the problems encountered by wholesalers increase.

Risks associated with poor stock management


Management mistakes

Are you still working with old-fashioned methods? Do you have a pen and a calculator in your pocket, do you keep records on paper and do you often make purchases by intuition? Beware, this approximate management method can lead to numerous errors and have a direct impact on your turnover.

Deterioration of the brand image

Management errors damage the company’s image. Retailers do not hesitate to post their dissatisfaction on forums and review sites. If you are targeted, it will take a great deal of effort to keep up Internet sales and maintain your business.

Lack of visibility

Your stocks are not up to date? You have no data on the products sold? It is difficult to restock the shop in an optimal way. With approximate purchase volumes, you risk running out of stock, or on the contrary, with an excess of stock.

Waste of time

Checking stocks becomes an obsession. Every day, you make many trips to the warehouse to check the available goods. The result is wasted time, inefficiency and missed sales. Poor stock management can ruin your bottom line.

Waste of goods

Hidden boxes, forgotten items… There may be products lying around in your warehouse. Damaged clothes and accessories, out of fashion, or even unsuitable for the next season. The day you discover them, they can no longer be sold. At the end of the year, this loss of turnover represents a considerable amount of money.

Competitiveness loss

Today, you lack competitiveness because you are no longer able to grow. You prefer to invest in human resources rather than trusting technology
managing orders and stocks in an automated way. It’s time to change your mindset.

Better internal organisation

By using a mobile stock management application, you simplify your warehouse management and improve your efficiency. Everything is clearer and easier, you know exactly which products are available and in what quantity. In case of insufficient stock, you are alerted to reorder

Cost reduction

With an inventory management tool, you control operating costs by reducing dead or excess inventory. You are able to identify which products are selling well and which are not, throughout the year, and make forecasts to purchase goods stocks according to your needs.

Increased productivity

The inventory management application is an ally in closing the online sale quickly. Process times are reduced, order picking is faster, and employees are more productive and motivated. Everyone can access the stock, anywhere and anytime, from a mobile phone.

Improved service quality

No more stock-outs and unhappy customers. Stock management tools allow you to meet retailers’ needs in the shortest possible time. And as you know: a satisfied manager is a loyal manager.

Which application to facilitate stock management for wholesalers?

Are you wondering which software to use to manage stocks on iPhone or Android? We’ve got just what you need!

MC APP- MicroStore, the management tool designed for fashion wholesalers

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Designed especially for fashion wholesalers, MC APP- MicroStore is THE most complete solution to solve stock management problems. Practical and easy to use, it will revolutionize your daily life.

Just reach into your pocket, grab your smartphone and access your dashboard and all the merchandise data you need with one click.

Make the right decisions at the right time. The information is clear, synthetic and synchronised in real time. Just read the statistics, such as the stock turnover rate, to anticipate demand.

With MC APP-MicroStore, you finally have the time to focus on your core business and to work on developing your business.

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What are the features of the stock management application?

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The stock management application provides a detailed view of the order intake for physical and remote sales. It offers you the possibility to manage your cash flow and to anticipate supplies.

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Inventory management tool: track inventory, accounting, customer purchases and sales performance.
Visibility into customer purchases and supplies: read, print and quickly modify sales documents.
Sales person performance analysis: purchase preferences, visit frequency, financial status.
Cash flow tool: view cash flow, generate invoices and administrative documents.

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