Which online sales application for wholesalers ?

Microstore: the online sales application for wholesalers and suppliers

Microstore : the online sales application for wholesalers and suppliers

Would you like to promote your products on the Internet? To increase your customer base and your turnover? Discover 3 complementary online sales tools and applications for wholesalers and suppliers.

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WhatsApp Business, the application for managing customer relations online

Most wholesalers run their business on WhatsApp. This practice has been widely democratised during the pandemic. While the messaging and video calling application has emerged as the solution for keeping in touch with customers, it now has some limitations.

Benefits of the application

Direct answer to the questions

What are your opening hours? What are your prices? What is the status of your order? WhatsApp allows you to answer your customers’ questions in a responsive way. All they need is a phone number to add you to their contacts and start a dialogue. Send them photos of your products, videos and all the information they need in one click.

Sending automatic messages

To save you time, the application offers you the possibility to program automatic answers to the most frequent questions. You can also set up out-of-office messages, greetings for each new conversation, and even automated messages to inform you of your news.

Ranking of conversations

To help you get organised, label the different conversations. Loyal customers, new customers, potential customers, complaints… The messages are classified by type and colour to facilitate research and optimise customer service management.

Sharing a product catalogue

With WhatsApp Business, you provide your product catalogue directly to your customers. You no longer have to deal with requests on a case by case basis. Prices, sizes, pictures… All information can be easily found online..


Disadvantages of the application

Mixed quality of service

Some wholesalers or suppliers are severely short of time and staff. It is difficult to be reactive when you receive dozens of messages at the same time. New retailers have to be won over, their curiosity satisfied, orders taken and the most loyal customers kept happy. The result: a disparate quality of service that damages the company’s image.

A flood of notifications

Send your news to all your contacts and you will soon be buried under hundreds of notifications. Good luck managing the orders one by one. And because it’s hard to keep track, you may miss important messages.

No live ordering

The video chat feature does not allow you to record orders directly from a live chat. Again, you lose time to manage sales after hanging up with your retailers.


Why use a stock management application ?

Having an online shop is essential if you want to develop a business and sell products anywhere in France or in the world. There are many well-designed website creation and management software, such as Prestashop and Shopify. But the functionalities offered are far from being adapted to the reality of the wholesale business.

Benefits of an online shop

Putting products online

An e-commerce site allows you to put your product catalogue online. Create the menu pages, organise the headings and categories, and carefully complete the product sheets: title, photos, prices, colours, detailed description, etc.

Choice of payment methods and delivery

PayPal, cheque, bank transfer… You are free to choose your secure online payment methods. You are free to choose your secure online payment methods. Also select your delivery zone and method (home delivery, click & collect…) and specify the amount of the delivery costs.

Stock and order management

Keep your stocks up to date by indicating the quantities available for each product. And set up alerts to be notified in case of low stocks or out-of-stock situations. With an e-commerce CMS, you can keep track of the inventory of each product and get an overview of the orders.

Online sales tools

Integrate action buttons like “Add to cart” to convert visitors into customers. Promote your best sellers and set up coupons and special offers. Integrated tools also allow you to manage SEO, communicate on social networks and get statistics to optimise your performance.

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Disadvantages of an online shop

Limited use on mobile

Adapted to computers, back-office management is much more complicated on mobile. Although some e-commerce CMS have developed their own application, some functionalities remain unusable on a smartphone. Stock and customer information cannot be consulted everywhere and at any time.

Human and financial investment

The creation of an online sales site represents a substantial budget. If you don’t have the skills in-house, and if you want to synchronise it with your shop, you’ll have to put your hand in the wallet. Moreover, if you don’t invest in an SEO strategy, your site will remain invisible. And without traffic, you won’t get any customers.

Microstore, best application for wholesalers

wholesale and retail

MicroStore is an online mobile sales application designed to facilitate contact between wholesalers and buyers. Convenient and easy to use, it combines the best features of WhatsApp and e-commerce management platforms.

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All-in-one online selling tool

wholesale and retail

Transform your daily life

Accessible to all, Microstore seduces with its intuitive interface. Not only does it allow you to create an online shop, mais aussi de manage customer relations, stocks and orders in the field thanks to an interconnection
The application can be used alone or in conjunction with WhatsApp and an e-commerce site.

Take advantage of its many benefits

Everything goes faster! Pull out your smartphone and get immediate access to the information you need.

Shop, warehouse, webshop: all data is synchronised in real time and centralised on a single system. Need to replenish stocks? One look, and you are able to make the right decisions at the right time. You can respond to customers quickly and avoid any management errors.

Microstore clearly saves you time. You can finally focus on your core business and concentrate on developing your activity.

Microstore Features


Share the link (or QR code) of your smart catalogue on WhatsApp and/or your social networks. By clicking on the link, retailers can access your shop and order your products online.

More complete than the WhatsApp catalogue, the Smart catalogue integrates statistics that you can use to adjust your sales strategy. You can see, for example, the number of views, clicks, and shares per product… You can increase your stock or create promotions according to the demand.


Did you used to regularly send your news to each customer? Taking orders one by one with WhatsApp? Microstore’s Push Notifications feature will change your daily life.

Designed for wholesalers, it alerts all your retail customers by sending them a notification on their smartphone when you register a new item. All you have to do is prepare the orders.


Interact directly with retailers to create a close and trusting relationship.

Unlike WhatsApp, Microstore integrates a chat button on each product sheet. If someone asks you a question, you have the reference right in front of you, and are able to respond more quickly. The conversation can also be initiated when ordering to ensure better follow-up.

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