Wholesale: 3 solutions to accelerate your growth

Wholesale: 3 solutions to the problems blocking wholesalers' growth

Being a wholesaler is not an easy job. You have to adapt to a constantly changing competitive environment. To stay competitive, it’s best to avoid mistakes. Stock management problems, lack of online visibility, unqualified staff… Here are 3 problems commonly encountered by wholesalers and 3 easy solutions to boost the growth of your business.

Problem 1: No data on the health of the business

To succeed as a wholesaler, you need to be able to make the right decisions at the right time. Leading wholesalers rely on relevant data to guide every choice they make. This allows them to plan and forecast demand accurately.

What data do you have access to? And what about the health of your business? Without data, you’re forced to make decisions by feel… You have no idea what retailers want from you. You feel lost when it comes to restocking or validating your positions. Beware, these time-consuming and irrelevant decisions compromise the growth of your company.

In the past, you had to call in an expert to extract the information and give it value. Today, everything is easier thanks to real-time data analysis tools. These tools are essential for :
Improve your communication, add value to the best products, and increase stocks of the best-selling goods.
Forecast future sales by analysing previous purchases by retailers.
Gain a 360° view to meet retailer requirements and provide the best possible customer experience.
Optimise your sales spend and logistics by reducing costs and risks.

Wholesale, make the right decisions with the MC APP solution

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Have you ever heard of MC APP- MicroStore ? It is THE digital solution for ready-to-wear wholesalers. It integrates an advanced performance analysis tool, fully adapted to your business.

MC APP gives you a complete view of your profits in real time. You have access to all the data you need to measure your business growth and profitability. You can monitor :

  • Accounting and cash flow to anticipate expenses and receipts.
  • Real-time inventory trends,
  • Sales performance,
  • Remote purchasing and supply from retailers,
  • Sales history and performance of your salespeople (buying preferences, frequency of visits, financial status…).

This information is centralised in an application that can be consulted at any time. No more moments of doubt. You know exactly which products to sell off or put on promotion. You are finally able to forecast volumes, anticipate orders and organise restocking accordingly. You reduce purchasing and storage costs, while serving your customers in the best possible time and conditions.

Would you like to try it? Contact us to test the MC APP-MicroStore solution for free.

Problem 2: Low online visibility

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Today, the world of wholesale has been turned upside down by digital technology. As a result of the economic and health crises, which limit travel, retailers have changed their habits. They are moving away from physical purchases, in showrooms or shops, to online purchases. Wholesalers are therefore forced to rethink their sales strategy and turn to the Internet to remain competitive and visible.

But how to sell wholesale on the Internet ?

Creating an e-commerce site, animating social networks, registering in directories… Many solutions exist. Most wholesalers tend to favour WhatsApp.The application allows them to answer retailers’ questions quickly and to share their product catalogue easily. But this tool has its limits. Wholesalers who use WhatsApp often face management and productivity problems. Difficulty in managing sales, lack of organisation… Every day, unforeseen events cause them to lose time and money, precious hours that could be spent on
developing their business.

As a result, wholesalers who have not changed their business model are gradually disappearing from the fashion market. The sector is being taken over by retail giants like Shein. The basis for this is fast production, constantly changing clothes at low prices, and cascading promotions.

The phenomenon of fast fashion threatens to eliminate the wholesaler as a key intermediary in the distribution chain.


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In order to evolve in this digital world and rise among the big boys, you must not only be present on the Internet, but above all, obtain maximum visibility. The challenge: to be able to quickly supply retailers who are also subject to the economic model of the giants.

So how do you boost your visibility? Simply download the Microstore application. This solution was developed in the interest of wholesalers to help them accelerate their development. It connects wholesale and retail professionals.

MicroStore allows you to sell directly online. Your customers no longer need to travel. You benefit from a dedicated application to sell your clothes, in addition to a website on which to redirect your customers.

You can advertise for free by sending notifications to retailers to announce your new products. And offer them promotions and exclusivities at any time. The application also includes MC Chat, a tool for instant communication with retailers and for building a relationship of trust.

Are you convinced? Ask for a free demonstration


Lack of tools and qualified staff

In order to run his business, the wholesaler needs to hire staff.
But, as you know, it is difficult to find talent capable of counting and retaining all the references,
managing a whole warehouse, and ensuring contact between the showroom and the retailers in a reactive way.

Lack of qualified personnel wastes time, increases your company’s operating costs and hinders the development of your business. Confusion, miscalculations and management errors multiply and lead to a significant loss of money.

The solution? Simplify your employees’ tasks by turning to digital tools now!

Wholesalers, lower your operating costs with our management and analysis solutions

With the right solutions, you can afford to hire a truly skilled worker. With the help of management and analysis tools, this person will be able to carry out the work of several employees on his own, without digital tools. All you have to do is get equiped!

MC APP- MicroStore’s in-store sales functionality is a must-have to make it easy for your to take orders and close a sale anytime, anywhere. Using it is very easy. The salesperson enters the reference of one or more products and selects the quantities desired by the retailer. He then selects the retailer in the application (or registers him in an instant if he is a new customer) to validate his order and payment. Once this is complete, the salesperson can print the picking slip directly from their phone at the warehouse. And notify the merchandise management staff even before the order is paid for.
He can also print out his order forms, delivery notes and invoices in the showroom.

Practical, isn’t it?