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Referral Program at MC APP – MicroStore

Referral Program at MC APP - MicroStore

Fashion wholesalers face various obstacles and challenges in their daily wholesale operations.

Wholesale professionals face tough competition, logistical challenges, and the need to manage inventory and visibility. They must adapt and excel in a changing wholesale landscape to succeed. 

MC APP – MicroStore proudly supports and partners with renowned wholesalers, offering advanced digital solutions tailored for fashion wholesalers. In addition to our support, we offer them the opportunity to receive free months on their subscriptions through our referral system! 

How does the referral program work at MC APP – MicroStore?

At MC APP – MicroStore, we value our fashion wholesale community and want to provide exclusive referral offers to our loyal customers.

That’s why we have a special referral system that offers benefits to our users on their subscriptions. Our mobile solutions provide a variety of tools and features to simplify your wholesale business, including inventory management, online and in-store sales, order management, and detailed reporting. It’s designed to make your life as a wholesaler easier and help you sell with confidence!

Referral and Benefits at MC APP – MicroStore

When you become a referrer at MC APP – MicroStore, you have the opportunity to recommend our solution to other ready-to-wear wholesalers. For every new wholesale customer in the wholesale industry that you refer and who subscribes to a plan, both you and your referral enjoy exclusive benefits.

Benefits for the referrer:

As a referrer, you will receive two free months on your MC APP – MicroStore subscription as soon as your referral signs up and starts using our solutions.

These free months are applied during your 13th and 14th month of subscription, allowing you to save money while enjoying all the benefits offered by our wholesale management and sales solutions.

Get even more benefits at MC APP – MicroStore.

We want to reward your loyalty and commitment to our community. Starting from the 2nd referral up to the 5th, each new customer you refer brings additional benefits to your subscription. These benefits are applied to your next subscription period, allowing you to enjoy extra free months over multiple years.

The ultimate reward

And if you are an outstanding sponsor and manage to refer six clients within the year following the start of your contract, you will be rewarded with a completely free subscription for the following year. This is our way of recognizing your exceptional contribution to our fashion wholesale community.

The benefits for the referee

The referred customer also receives two months free at the beginning of their subscription. This allows them to explore our online sales, in-store sales, and stock management solutions with confidence, and fully enjoy the tools and features.

How to become a referrer at MC APP – MicroStore?


Becoming a referrer at MC APP – MicroStore is easy! Just recommend our solution to other wholesalers and have them mention your name as the referrer when they contact our advisors. We’ll then attribute the referral to your account and give you all the benefits that come with it.

By referring customers and growing your network, you can not only save money but also strengthen your wholesale business and enjoy significant benefits. Don’t miss this opportunity to maximize your advantages by joining the MC APP – MicroStore referral system today.

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