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Wholesalers : how to boost traffic to your online and physical store?

Wholesalers: how to increase traffic to your online and physical store?

Attracting a large number of retailers to your store and online shop is essential for the success of your wholesale fashion business. Faced with a range of options and channels, it’s necessary to develop smart strategies and discover tactics that will help you stand out. How to reach your customers where they are ? How to generate more traffic to your point of sale ? Here are some advice to encourage your target customer group to visit your physical and online store.

Tracking trafic to your wholesale store

To increase foot traffic to your store, a well-placed store location and an attractive storefront are key elements. However, you also need to revitalize the appearance of your store, in order to create a memorable experience for your clients and spark their interest in revisiting it.

Care for your storefront

A well cared storefront is an essential that shapes the first impression for retailers. The storefront should draw attention and inspire people to enter your wholesale business. Your storefront allows you to communicate the uniqueness of your brand and highlight your flagship offers.

Magic occurs when the lighting is strategically used, signage is thoughtfully selected, as well as when clothing and accessories are tastefully arranged. These elements harmonize to tell a unique story. This visual delight creates an atmosphere that accurately represents the store’s identity while showcasing its products. Updating your storefront with the changing seasons, promotions, and new collections ignites curiosity. Novelty is an incentive to return.

Organite events and pop-up operations

To boost traffic to your physical store, consider organizing events and pop-up operations.
In-store special offers, VIP nights, private sales – spread your creativity freely.

These events, along with various benefits (gifts, discounts, advice), attract potential customers and strengthen your brand image. They offer unique and exclusive experiences and encourage positive word-of-mouth, especially by inviting loyal customers. Don’t forget to promote these events (in-store posters, social media posts, newsletters) to attract maximum participants.

Boost trafic to your wholesale online store

The internet empowers wholesale businesses to generate a significant flow of traffic by eliminating geographical barriers. By diversifying your marketing channels and strategies, you can effectively reach a local or international wholesale customer at any time of day or night.

Being visible in search engines

68% of online experiences start with a search engine (source). Google remains the number one search engine with over 90% market share in France and worldwide. To generate traffic to your wholesale online store, you must be well-positioned in Google. To achieve that, you have three options:

Search engine optimization (SEO).

List the keywords that internet users might use to arrive at different pages of your online store. For example: online wholesale women’s clothing, wholesale men’s suits, supplier of women’s dresses… Then, incorporate these keywords into the content of each page, taking into account the relevant product. To be effective, you should integrate these keywords into strategic places: page title, subtitles, texts, images, URLs, etc. To improve your e-commerce site’s ranking in Google, you can also contact other website owners in your industry and ask them to link to your site. You can even register in online directories that allow you to insert a link to your site. The more high-quality links pointing to your online store, the more visible it will be in Google.

Paid search engine advertising (SEA)

For faster results, you have the option to purchase keywords on the Google Ads platform and create advertisements that include a link to your online store. Your ads will appear at the top of search results when internet users enter these keywords into Google.

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Creating your Google My Business listing

Create your free business listing on Google My Business. When users search for keywords related to your business, it will appear on Google. Complete the required informations such as your business name, description, opening hours, contact information, and a link to your website. This helps potential customers contact you, visit your online store, and find your physical store on a map.

Generating Traffic through Social Media

Generating traffic to a wholesale fashion online store through social media requires a strategic and engaging approach. Start by creating accounts on the most suitable social networks for your target audience, such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, or even LinkedIn.

Post regularly, use hashtags, and follow retailers

Regularly share visually appealing content (photos, videos, reels, stories) showcasing your products, fashion inspirations, and advice. Use hashtags to increase the visibility of your posts and join online conversations.

Another trick is to follow retailers on social media platforms so that social media platforms recommend similar accounts. If you want more tips, check out our article on social media and fashion wholesalers.

Direct subscribers to your online store

In the bio section of your social media profiles, insert a direct link to your online store. Users who visit your profile can click on this link to access your website and explore your products.

Also, add links in your posts. Simply copy the link to the page you want to share and paste it below the caption you’ve written. Some social networks like Facebook or LinkedIn will automatically convert this link into a page preview, usually with an image. However, on Instagram, you can’t include links in your regular posts. But you can add them in the comments or even within your Instagram Stories.

Targeted advertising

Visit your favorite social media advertising platform. Choose the traffic objective and define your targeting. You can target people by age, gender, location, or even interests to maximize the effectiveness of your campaign. Specify the start and end dates for the ad and set your overall or daily budget.

Next, craft the caption for the sponsored post, insert your visual content, and add a link to your website. The message should be compelling enough to generate traffic. Therefore, focus on highlighting new arrivals, promotions, contests…

Captivate visitors to your online store

Driving traffic is a great start, but converting those visitors into customers is the ultimate goal. Keep in mind that your website is like the virtual front window of your store. Everything should be designed to provide a good experience for visitors.

Creating an attractive design

Design is the appearance of your Online Store: it should be pleasing to the eye. Use legible fonts, colors that reflect your brand, and illustrate your content with beautiful photos or videos. A good design encourages visitors to explore further.

Intuitive navigation

When a user visits your site, they should be able to quickly and easily find what they are looking for without any confusion. Make sure that menus and buttons are easy to find, understand and use. This will create a user-friendly experience and help visitors navigate your site efficiently.

Fast loading

Your website pages should appear on the screen rapidly, almost instantly. If they take too long to load, visitors might become impatient and leave. Choosing a reliable hosting service and reducing image file sizes can speed up the loading time.

Relevant content

Provide valuable and engaging information to your online store visitors. This includes detailed product descriptions, promotional offers, style advice, customer reviews, shipping methods and delivery times. Create content that instills confidence in your visitors and sparks their desire to purchase your products. Keep your content up to date because nobody wants to read outdated information.

Be where your potential customers are

Don’t underestimate the importance of diversifying your web marketing channels. It’s by adopting various approaches that you can effectively achieve your goals. So, make sure you are present where your future customers are !

Expanding your reach

Video Marketing is a powerful tool for visually showcasing your fashion products and engaging potential retailers. It helps retailers gain a better understanding of your product range. You can share these videos on your website, YouTube, and across your social media platforms, reaching your target audience precisely when they are actively seeking your offerings.

Retailers check their emails daily, making email marketing a crucial method for maintaining a consistent connection with them. Use it to keep them updated on the latest fashion items, promotions, and industry news.

Additionally, messaging tools within applications like WhatsApp or WeChat are invaluable for converting prospects into loyal customers. By providing quick responses to their inquiries and the information they need, you simplify their decision-making process and encourage them to make a purchase.

Furthermore, listing your business in online directories enhances your visibility in local searches, which is especially useful for attracting local retailers. Yet, the real power lies in a multi-channel approach where each strategy complements the others. Video marketing sparks interest, email keeps engagement high, messages on your preferred platforms (WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.) prompt action, and online directories expand your reach.

Microstore: the secret of successful fashion wholesalers

As you’ve realized, the key to your success lies in implementing a smart strategy across various channels and platforms, including your website, social media, newsletters, and instant messaging.

It’s important to note that there are platforms designed specifically for fashion wholesalers. Microstore is a shining example of such a platform. This cost-effective online sales application was created to make your life easier and boost your efficiency.

Microstore is an easy-to-use online store, where you can add best sellers and new items in just a few clicks. It provides notifications for every order and features a live chat for direct communication with your clients and prospects. This application revolutionizes how you interact with retailers. They automatically receive notifications when you add new products to your catalog, simplifying the ordering process. As a result, you maintain a steady flow of traffic and build an invaluable close relationship with your customers.

Try Microstore for free to boost your business!



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