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One of the benefits of MC APP - MicroStore is that you can assess a customer’s potential more quickly through order history than just meeting them in-store without MC APP - MicroStore.”

Rêvdelle has been a French manufacturer since 1996 and a women’s fashion wholesaler since 2015. In 2015, several large retail customers who worked with the workshop stopped working together. We had to find a solution to keep running our workshop. Rêvdelle was born at that time.

Previously, Rêvdelle informed its customers by using Whatsapp and the various messengers, sending the photos one by one to its customers. Then Rêvdelle digitalized with MC APP - MicroStore.

The most, according to Onur, is MicroStore. Now, as there are novelties to offer every week, the shooting is organized quickly in order to put the products online as soon as possible. A catalogue can then be organized quickly to be sent to customers with information notifications.

In this catalogue, we choose the information and prices we want to display. Onur’s favorite feature is the one that allows it to see who has come to its online store (its MicroStore app) in the last 3 hours, which the customer has also seen. This makes it possible to be very responsive and to contact the customer quickly to receive an order. The customer is therefore informed regularly and this is also why he will place an order often, according to Onur.


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