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How to set the scope of your salespeople at any time?

MC APP – MicroStore gives you the possibility to analyse everything about each of them daily.

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Three Advantages of MC APP - MicroStore for the management of sales staff

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Salesperson statistics

MC App MicroStore gives you the possibility of making statistics by salesperson: number of sales, amounts, etc.

Location and route

Perimeter of the salespersons

The perimeter of the salespersons can be easily delimited: access only to certain order receipts, prices, etc.

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MC APP - MicroStore offers the possibility to make inventories easily.

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How MC APP - MicroStore proposes to answer your requests for information on your vendors:

MC APP MicroStore ensures that fashion wholesalers can analyse the sales history and performance of their vendors. Every sale is integrated into the MC APP MicroStore software. For every fashion wholesaler, monitoring and analysing sales performance is essential not only for setting new targets, but also for statistical purposes and for calculating commissions. Other interesting features include the possibility of simultaneously creating new articles and adding them to the stock, as well as the ability to pre-sell articles on order from your supplier, or to simply and efficiently take an inventory.

MC APP - MicroStore the solution that improves your daily life as a fashion wholesaler.

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Stock management

Screen and basket

Making orders

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