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Online retailer, Software for the wholesale trade, MC APP - MicroStore, sales software for wholesalers.
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MC APP - MicroStore has brought us speed and visibility. We can focus on our added value personalization.”

Héléma was born three years ago, when Marie left her kitchen where she was creating hair clips with pearls and started making customisable jewellery.
In the meantime, she set up her company and diversified into jewellery design. She started with a website and very soon had 2 physical shops in Marseille and Rennes. So she had to start organizing herself professionally for the management of the sites and the stocks.

By buying herself from suppliers (beads, metal threads, etc.), she started to use MicroStore and gradually MC APP - MicroStore as a whole. She uses MC APP - MicroStore to manage her 200 sales outlets in France and her two sales representatives. It manages its supplies and uses Microstore for its suppliers.

For her, in two words, MC APP - MicroStore saves time and speed to always have visibility. She followed a training course with Yannick, which was very effective, and she started straight away.

She manages 200 clients with MC APP - MicroStore and more than 100 directly on Microstore. When she works with MC APP - MicroStore: she inserts new products - thus stock management she answers customer enquiries - thus sales management she also uses Microstore regularly - visibility she uses the management the most: she finds all the statistics there. Who came on the application? Which product did they click on? What interests them?

Then, with hindsight, she analyses her data: why does she have visitors at the moment but no orders? What do they like most?
No need for Google analytics on the side! She knows how many visitors she currently has. When a customer requests access to the application, she validates the request immediately. She tries to be as quick as possible so that he has access to the price, the rates and that's what he's interested in. She knows how many visitors she has on the site. What they like most. All this data is provided by MC APP - MicroStore.


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