MC APP : 10 years near fashion wholesalers

Since 2011, with the birth of our first ERP, we work every day with the fashion wholesalers. We listen to their needs and always try to improve the MC APP solutions. In 2021, 60 000 fashion wholesalers of the whole world have chosen our apps. 

We have a sponsorship program ! Do you know a wholesaler who uses our solution ? Ask him to be your parrain ! You and him will get 2 free months of use.


Our customers, our ambassadors

Human-sized company, MC APP has the will to accompany its clients for a long-term in reaching their goals. Discover here some positive feedback from our customers about our solutions, and a view of their MicroStore showrooms.

"The software combines both sales and inventory management with multi-function. It's very easy, pratical and simple to use." Imperio
"We like the software developed by MC very much. Not only because it's simple and practical but customer service is enthusiastic and respond us quickly. MC Apps become a necessity for my business." Bello'Clock
"Great app! Very easy to use and sending catalogs to our customers in the blink of an eye." Dix Onze
I've taken all your services
“I’m really glad so I've taken all your services !" By Clara
“It’s perfect. Every day, the customers do their purchases and there are never any problems. MicroStore is so so much useful ! We manage our stocks and our orders fastly” April Vintage
Fast customer service
“Microstore helps us everyday, it’s useful. The customer service is fast” ZK Distribution
ALL est top.
Italian Pop
“I’m very glad, the customer service is perfect… When I send you a message on Whatsapp, you always answer quickly. It’s top ! So I’ve created 2 MicroStore apps” Marie la Lune & Paloma
“All is perfect, we are very glad. It’s very useful, we manage our stocks, our products and the customer service is fantastic. We are happy to work with you” Ottantotto
“Despite the context of quarantine, the app has help us to make sales ! The taken of order is more quick” Berry Denim
“We are happy ! The app has been very useful for us to make sales during the quarantines” Golden Live
“I’m very glad ! I do SMS and email campaigns with the QR code of my app and everything is going fine” Everboom Paris