Yes, our apps for wholesalers are available on the Apple Store and the Play Store and compatible with the last versions. It is available all on smartphones.

After you have created in MC your products, you will have to count 24 hours for your application to be operational. It is very easy to learn how to use the app. For example, 20 minutes are good to teach a seller how to use the app and be able to take a customer order.

MC APP guarantees an entire protection of your datas. Your datas is saved in your private and encrypted space. The risk of losing your datas is very small because it is continually saved on different servers.

Yes, our solutions are accessible in the whole world. MC APP is available in many languages and new translations are often realized. With our 11 years old experience, we can guarantee you an accessibility of 99,99%.

Of course, it’s possible. You can share your catalogues with our app MS Manager : on Whatsapp, by sms, on Facebook… Better, with MicroStore, you can share the online shop of your products on all your social networks.

Yes you can ! You can organize your products as you want, import your own pictures to show your real identity and have a unique store. You can insert a GIF or a big visual. And we always continue to propose new updates of customization.

All the wholesalers who have some needs to manage their stocks, monitor their performances, create catalogues or sell remotely will find an interest in our solutions and are welcome.

MC APP has a team of Customer Success Agents and a Research & Development team, who always do their best to accompany the customers to their satisfaction. When you subscribe, a direct contact is established between you and our team to accompany you in your development and resolve the problems you can meet.

Yes, our apps help you to get a complete solution on your activity. It manages your stocks efficiently and it receives the customers orders. Then, it creates your accounting files.

Yes, we can personalize your app with your own logo. You’ll have to wait between 2 and 4 weeks.

Yes, we can get a refund if and only if the reason is valable (activity stopped for example).